Dear Mr. Jones,

I just wanted to follow up to thank you for your professional, prompt, and unwavering support having been as tenacious as you were over the last several weeks to stay the course and go above and beyond what anyone would normally expect, on our behalf.


As you know, we’ve been a customer and client of yours for decades as your services had originally been recommended so highly to us by a colleague who’s in the business of providing custom web design and implementations to enterprise level mission-critical corporations.


I can not imagine any other service provider going to the lengths and spending the amount of time on what was essentially an issue on “our end” of your hosting connection which had nothing to do with you, your equipment, or your systems. You were so very gracious and patient in helping us to find a solution to an issue which to me was very perplexing, and yet you took the time and effort to figure out a way to solve our connectivity issue.


You certainly were under no obligation to take on this particular project, and for that matter other various tasks over the years which you so willingly took on and resolved for us.


But it is just this type of personalized service and support which separates you from all the rest, and for that we are so very grateful.


In closing, I should mention to you that we run an automated connectivity tracker called “Network Logger" which pings our site connections with your hosting service once every 60 seconds, 24/7, 365 days/year and the performance levels of your hosting systems never ceases to amaze me. Without exaggeration I don’t think that we’ve ever experienced any downtime as a result of your seemingly invincible performance record. This, in stark contrast compared with occasional down time from our ISP business broadband connection which invariably fails from time to time.


Your service and support are absolutely top-tier and I would never hesitate to give you the highest possible recommendation.



John Hay, CIO



My church wanted to look into offering online courses for new memberships, discipleship classes related to spiritual growth and disciple classes, and continuing education for church leaders. Being a member of the church, my background is in instructional design so I had the skills but not the platform to help my church meet this goals.

I reached out to YellowHammer IT and not only helped us update our church website, but they set up an LMS environment and trained us on how to use the system so I can build interesting courses with our denomination’s materials. YellowHammer continues to administrate the LMS and offer the support we need to continue our exploration of this virtual ministry avenue.

TRF, https://genesisal.com/

I needed a website revamp for my old one looked outdated. YellowHammer IT provided a free consultation to help strategically plan my current website and future offerings.

I want to expand in offering a certification through my organization and YellowHammer helped me choose an LMS that met my needs. They trained me on developing course curriculum and when I am ready they will provide me with continuing support as I launch my certification program.


Bunny Nature, https://www.bunnynature.org