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DirectTV Live & On-Demand

The Problems We Seek to Solve

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) often face the challenge of finding a television service that satisfies the diverse entertainment preferences of all residents. Traditionally, this has involved complex negotiations and compromises on channel lineups, leading to endless debates and potential dissatisfaction among owners. Also, the use of satellite dishes for TV services has its own drawbacks, such as unsightly equipment installation, potential damage to expensive roofing, and service interruptions due to weather conditions.

Our DirectTV service addresses these concerns head-on with the following solutions:

Diverse Base Packages

We include essential channels like local news, weather, and sports in all our base packages to ensure every resident has access to these crucial channels without any additional cost or negotiation needed by the HOA.

Personalized Upgrades

Owners have the flexibility to add specific channels or entire packages based on their personal preferences, which are are billed directly to the individual owners, meaning the HOA's service agreements and costs remain unaffected.

No More Satellite Dishes

We eliminate the need for satellite dishes and the associated issues. Our service is provided over a reliable fiber optic network, ensuring the highest resolution available for television viewing without the risk of weather-related interruptions or damage to property.

Streamlined and Simplified Management

For the HOA, this means a significant reduction in the administrative burden. No more complex negotiations over channel lineups, no more dealing with multiple contractors for installation and maintenance, and no more handling individual billing discrepancies.

Step-by-Step Guide to DIRECTV STREAM: Simplified Set-Up Process

The flowchart illustrates the customer journey for setting up DIRECTV STREAM. It starts with the resident visiting a unique DIRECTV URL, followed by entering their service address. The system then validates the address and shows the base bulk package. Next, the resident creates account credentials, selects package options, and submits their order. An order confirmation is then emailed to the customer. If devices are ordered, they are shipped to the resident, who will receive and activate the equipment. Last, the resident can stream content via the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) feature, and recurring charges are applied to the chosen payment method.

Is your HOA ready to revolutionize your community’s television viewing experience?

Are you looking to end the endless debates over channel lineups?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the hassles of satellite TV?

Contact us today to learn how our DirectTV service can enhance your community’s entertainment options while simplifying management tasks for the HOA.

Transform your residents’ TV viewing experience now!