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YellowHammer IT

Where Business Meets Technology

Technology should equip you to be the best at what you do

For most of our clients, Information Technology is not their core business. Trying to address all of your IT challenges internally can become a frustrating and costly distraction. These are some of the protocols we implement to protect your business:

  • Offsite Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Video Security
  • Office Networks (Wired/WiFi)
  • Phone systems
  • Secure Email
  • Password Policies and Security
  • Zero Trust Security Training 


Don’t become a statistic, businesses that were hit with Ransomware went offline for  an average of 9.6 days. In 2021 a business was hit with Ransomware every 11 seconds.

It’s tough to stand out from the crowd and most companies need to devote all their efforts to stay out in front of their competition. This is where we can help, we don’t know your business as well as you do but we definitely know technology.

To improve the experience of our clients we don’t call clients ‘users’. Thinking about people as just an entity with a login will only inhibit our communication with them, leading to poor customer service and frustration. Every person using technology comes from a different background with a different perspective.

At YellowHammer IT we listen to the opinions of our clients, we work with people to educate and improve their use of technology. You owe it to yourself to come experience frustration free technology with YellowHammer IT!

    What our clients say

    Ruth Daley
    President San Carlos HOA
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    YellowHammer IT installed our office network, business center, Parking Pass system, website and Owner Management & Notification system. We are deeply grateful for your systems and support over the past several years!
    Rob Hurston
    VP Sailboat Bay HOA
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    We really appreciate all you have done for Sailboat Bay. Running our Zoom sessions for the HOA Board Meetings prevented so much frustration! .Jeannie's computer and network has never worked better. We are very exited to expand on our video camera system too!
    Kris Romano
    Sales Engineer @ Cspire
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    We greatly appreciate YellowHammer IT taking over all of Cspire's video surveillance customers. The system you're using is truly top notch!
    Greg Alexander
    CEO Coastal Alabama Business Chamber
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    The training videos YellowHammer IT provided for our members has been a remarkable, time saving asset. We cannot wait to to get started with our new Business Management System!.
    Jami Bailey
    Sunrise Village HOA
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    YellowHammer IT has installed a new camera system! Their app and website are A LOT more user friendly.
    John Hay
    CIO New Media Group
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    Dear Mr. Jones, Your service and support are absolutely top-tier and I would never hesitate to give you the highest possible recommendation.
    Mike Conroy
    President Expert Dry
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    The new website and payment processing system you installed for us is great. We really have appreciated how you take interest in our entire family run business and not just the IT areas.
    Darrell Steward
    Darrell Steward
    President SCC
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    The website and telephone system has been great. Working on the projects we have with YellowHammer IT has saved us considerable time. When we needed a construction trailer set up as an office you got it done in a few days!
    Harry King
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    We needed to publish one of the greatest archeological finds in North America from the past 100 years and you’re making that happen with our new website..